Why I'm Running for Minneapolis City Council:

Ward 13 is just one amazing part of our larger city—we can’t expect it to be safe or prosperous if we don’t demand safety and prosperity for our community as a whole. This is why I’ll push for significant police reforms, not incremental change. I’ll fight for improved housing affordability, not piecemeal solutions. I will support safer, greener transit options for Southwest and all of Minneapolis. We can no longer afford conservative, status quo leadership.


Council Member Linea Palmisano’s votes do not match her stated values. As the lone vote against a resolution opposing the use of tear gas on civilians, or against naming race equity as a priority in the existing 2040 plan, Council Member Palmisano has shown that her actions rarely match her words. What’s more disappointing is Council Member Palmisano rarely offers viable alternative solutions and does not seem to be the “consensus builder” she claims to be.


I am ready to bring honest discussion, bold action, and common sense to City Hall.

We deserve better than politicians whose idea of progressive action is to waste time arguing over a property tax break equivalent to the price of a latté. I am not running to become a career politician—I’m running because this moment in our city’s history demands change. It’s time to push past the status quo. Will you join us?