April 23rd, 2021

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Ward 13 Challenger Norton Calls on Neighbors in SW Mpls to Register for DFL Caucus After Incumbent Palmisano Casts Pro Tear Gas Vote

Last week’s Minneapolis City Council vote on a non-binding resolution to condemn the use of tear gas and other “less-lethal” projectiles against civilians is drawing condemnation in Southwest Minneapolis, as current Ward 13 Council Member was the lone “no” vote. City Council candidate Mike Norton is calling on his neighbors to channel that frustration to the DFL virtual caucuses, where he’s challenging longtime incumbent Council Member Palmisano for the party endorsement.

The issue of tear gas has drawn more attention since protests last week led to children in nearby apartments being subjected to the chemical irritant. “I know that I’m not the only member of our Southwest Minneapolis community that’s opposed to MPD using tear gas on peaceful protestors – we deserve a CM who isn’t afraid to say so,” said Norton. “My neighbors that share those values should go to Caucus.Dfl.org and register to be a ward delegate in the caucus by April 30.”

The criticism is related to Council Member Palmisano’s refusal to take a stand against the use of “less-lethal” weapons, even though chemical irritants had been banned for even wartime use by the 1925 Geneva Protocol. “At this point, this doesn’t feel like the right way to go… I think it would be dangerous to change course,” Council Member Palmisano stated at the City Council meeting.

This leaves Mike Norton as the only candidate in Ward 13 that’s on the record as being opposed to the use of tear gas. “MPD is using tear gas on peaceful citizens, who are members of our neighborhood. The experts have been clear for a century that tear gas shouldn’t be used against civilians,” said Norton. The businessman and political newcomer wants to “take the politics out of policing,” and supports the proposed public safety City Charter amendment that would move police oversight from the Mayor to a newly created public safety commissioner role.

With Minneapolis DFL Caucuses being virtual this year, there’s an opportunity for people who wouldn’t normally participate in the caucus process to vote from the comfort of their own home. But in order to do so, they have to register and verify their address with the party by the end of the month. The deadline to register to be a (virtual) ward delegate is April 30th: Caucus.DFL.org