Not Accepting Donations

My experience bootstrapping my small business has taught me how to make the most out of limited resources. I’m in the fortunate position to be able to pay for website hosting, campaign mailers, and yard signs on my own, and so my campaign will not be accepting any donations (any checks or other payments sent to my campaign will be returned or destroyed). 

Caucus for Mike

That doesn’t mean I don’t need your help. If you live in Ward 13, you can serve as a delegate and vote for me at the Minneapolis DFL Caucuses. 

Volunteer Time

You can also volunteer your time to door knock for the campaign, host a candidate forum, or make phone calls to prospective voters.

Instead of donating to my campaign, maybe donate here if you're able to...

Minneapolis Public Schools Funds

You can donate directly to Minneapolis Publics Schools via their partnership with AchieveMpls.

St. Stephen's (homelessness)

St. Stephen’s offers support for those in our community experiencing homelessness. 

Volunteer Your Time to the Campaign: