Register to (Virtual) Caucus for Mike

Help us win the party endorsement. Minneapolis DFL Caucuses are online this year, and casting your ballot is easy...

This year the Minneapolis DFL is holding virtual caucuses. So, instead of all of us piling into some gymnasium and shuffling around the room for hours, you can just cast your ballot from home (once you’ve registered online, and received a confirmation in the mail). The DFL Caucus determines the party endorsement for the Minneapolis City Council race (sort of like a primary). Step by step instructions on how to register to cast your ballot in the 2021 Minneapolis DFL Virtual Caucuses are below.

Register to Participate by April 30th

Visit to register for the 2021 Minneapolis DFL Caucus. Cast your vote to help Mike get the DFL endorsement.

Registration only takes a few minutes, and you’ll receive further instructions in the mail.

Find Your Precinct & Caucus Info:

The first thing you’ll see when you visit is the Caucus Finder tool. Add your house number and zip code, then click next and find your street. 


Click the link (above the button) that says “Register for your virtual caucus” and you’ll be directed to the registration form.

There’s more information about how the process works as you go along, and a helpful video on how Ranked Choice Voting works. You’ll also need to affirm you meet the qualifications to participate in the DFL caucus (if you live in Minneapolis, you probably already do).

Select Mike for Ward Convention

There are spots on the form to list your sub-caucus preferences, but this isn’t your final vote and there’s still time to make a change (you can also select “uncommitted” if you’re not sure yet). I would ask that you please select “Mike Norton (City Council – Ward 13)” as your first preference for Ward Convention (and not rank CM Palmisano at all, as even listing her as your second preference will dilute our chances of winning).

Volunteer to Help the Campaign Find More People to Caucus for Mike:

Once you’ve finished registering to caucus, we could use some help getting the word out. Become a precinct captain, or even just offer some support in your neighborhood, by filling out the campaign volunteer form below (please note, this is NOT the caucus registration, scroll back up and click one of the links to register for the DFL Caucus).