Candidate for Minneapolis City Council Ward 13

Hi, I’m Mike Norton. My family and I have lived in the Lynnhurst neighborhood since 2014. Our rescue dog, Maleficent J. Woofingtons (aka “The Woofs”), joined the family in 2016.

I’m a small business owner and the founder of an award-winning company in the logistics industry (one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies in 2019 and recipient of a MnTech Tekne Award in 2020). My wife is completing her Masters in Art Education at U of MN and last year was the PTA Vice President at Justice Page, where my stepdaughter is the co-founder of the “Green Team.” I love living in Southwest Minneapolis, but there are things we could be doing better.


I’m running to represent Ward 13 because Southwest Minneapolis deserves a candidate to meet the moment on public safety reforms in Minneapolis. The past year has shown that we need to make serious changes—now. Our incumbent council member has stood in the way of much-needed progress for our city, using obstructive votes and procedural complaints to distract us from the real issues.

Why I'm Running for Minneapolis City Council:

Ward 13 is just one amazing part of our larger city—we can’t expect it to be safe or prosperous if we don’t demand safety and prosperity for our community as a whole. This is why I’ll push for significant police reforms, not incremental change. I’ll fight for improved housing affordability, not piecemeal solutions. I will support safer, greener transit options for Southwest and all of Minneapolis. We can no longer afford conservative, status quo leadership.


Council Member Linea Palmisano’s votes do not match her stated values. As the lone vote against a resolution opposing the use of tear gas on civilians, or against naming race equity as a priority in the existing 2040 plan, Council Member Palmisano has shown that her actions rarely match her words. What’s more disappointing is Council Member Palmisano rarely offers viable alternative solutions and does not seem to be the “consensus builder” she claims to be.


I am ready to bring honest discussion, bold action, and common sense to City Hall.

We deserve better than politicians whose idea of progressive action is to waste time arguing over a property tax break equivalent to the price of a latté. I am not running to become a career politician—I’m running because this moment in our city’s history demands change. It’s time to push past the status quo. Will you join us?

A Note About Donations:

Your outpouring of support has been beyond what I imagined or expected. The momentum created by energized volunteers, neighbors, and delegates transformed my campaign into a coalition of passionate people ready for a change. With so many neighbors coming together and donating their time and talents, I’ve decided to dive in and raise the much-needed funds we need to beat a well-established incumbent.  


When I started this campaign, I wasn’t accepting campaign contributions. I knew Ward 13 residents deserved a real choice in November, but running against an incumbent is always difficult, and I had no idea how many Ward 13 residents shared my priorities. Initially, it didn’t feel right to accept money because winning seemed far too unlikely.


The enthusiasm I’ve seen over and over again from neighbors in Southwest Minneapolis has shown me we can win this. Please join us and contribute today. Together, we believe a better Minneapolis is possible, and we hope you’ll join us in fighting for it. 

Get a Yard Sign

Yard signs cost about $12 each, and your $25 donation helps us print an extra sign for one of your neighbors. We’ll deliver your yard sign anywhere in Ward 13 within 1-4 days of your order.

We’re also happy to deliver yard signs without a donation:

Mike Norton for Minneapolis City Council Yard Sign, Mike Norton for Minneapolis City Council Ward 13

KORE (Kenny Organizing for Racial Equity) Ward 13 Candidate Forum:

Here’s a clip from a recent candidate forum hosted by Kenny Organizing for Racial Equity (KORE). This is my response to a question on how historical systems of white supremacy impact social norms in Southwest Minneapolis.

I do not support abolishing police, but I do believe certain types of 911 calls could be handled with other responders, allowing police to focus on serious crimes. This is why I support the proposed charter amendment to create a new Department of Public Safety, which would still include police, as well as funding evidence-based public safety programs, mental health teams, and other dedicated and highly-trained first responders.

We are in a climate emergency. We can and must act now to protect our air quality and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. The most effective way to do this is to make it easier for people to make greener choices. We can alleviate traffic, reduce the need for on-street parking, and improve local air quality by focusing our transit resources on buses and bikes. We need more Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines and protected bike lanes for commuting.

The most effective way to get more affordable housing is to allow for more housing, period. The city’s restrictive building codes have reduced affordability and created barriers to improvement. I support increasing housing density and passing rent stabilization measures. Another way to make housing more affordable is to pay a livable wage. I support a citywide minimum wage of $20/hr in Minneapolis.

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