Candidate for Minneapolis City Council Ward 13

Why I'm Running for Minneapolis City Council:

I’ve lived in the Lynnhurst neighborhood with my wife and step-daughter since 2014 (our rescue dog, Maleficent J. Woofingtons, joined the family in 2016).

I’m a small business owner and the founder of an award winning company (50 Fastest Growing Companies in 2019 + MnTech “Tekne” Award 2020), and my wife is Vice President of the Justice Page PTA (where my step-daughter is the co-founder of the “Green Team”). I love Minneapolis, especially Southwest Minneapolis, but there are things we could be doing better.

Ward 13 deserves a candidate to meet the moment on public safety reforms in Minneapolis.
The incumbent Council Member’s constant procedural complaints distract from the real issues and get in the way of substantive conversation that could actually produce results for Ward 13.

I’ll push for significant police reforms (not incremental change), improved housing affordability, and greener safe transit options for Southwest and all of Minneapolis. I won’t seek reelection because I believe these issues are urgent. If you think now is the time to make changes to the status quo, we could use your help.

I do not support abolishing police, but I do support the proposed charter amendment to create a new Department of Public Safety, as well as the Safety for All budget plan that would reallocate some police funding towards mental health teams and other programming. 

The most effective way to alleviate traffic, reduce the need for on street parking, and improve local air quality is to focus our transit resources on busses and bikes. More specifically, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines and greater access to protected bike lanes for commuting.

The most effective way to get more affordable housing is to allow for more housing (period). The city’s restrictive building codes has reduced affordability and created barriers to improvement. Additionally, I support reasonable proposals for “aging in place” plans.

Like some of my ideas, but think you could do a better job? Maybe you should run for Minneapolis City Council, too...

One of the many great things about Minneapolis is that we have Ranked Choice Voting for city elections. That means voters in Minneapolis get to choose up to 3 of their top choices, but at the moment there are only 2 candidates. I’ll commit to having Lincoln Douglas style debates at the Lake Harriet trolley stops with anyone and everyone who runs for City Council in Ward 13… Diversity of ideas is a good thing for the democratic process. Let’s give Ward 13 residents more choices for representation.

Volunteer with the Campaign: