Candidate for Minneapolis City Council Ward 13

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who worked with our campaign to build a more progressive Southwest Minneapolis. We finished strongly in 2nd place of the 5 Ward 13 candidates with 20% of the 1st place votes and took 42% of the 2nd place votes.


I want to extend my congratulations to Council Member Palmisano on a well-organized campaign. Even though we disagree where the city should be headed, I sincerely wish her all the best during her two-year term as our Council Member. I also hope that she recognizes there’s a growing progressive movement in Ward 13 that will be paying close attention to making sure her voting record matches her rhetoric.


Thank you to the campaign staff and volunteers who spent hours knocking on doors, stuffing envelopes, phone banking, and doing the work at the grassroots level to get our message of a more progressive Ward 13 out to our neighbors. Thank you also to everyone who donated to our campaign to help us spread that message.


Even though we didn’t get the outcome we may have hoped for, I’m still incredibly proud of what we have accomplished. 


Sometimes to the frustration of my campaign staff, I have said from the beginning that this election wasn’t about me. It was about creating a community who want to work for a more equitable Southwest Minneapolis. 


Almost none of our staff and regular volunteers knew each other before this campaign. Great organizations like Kenny Organizing for Racial Equity (KORE) and Armatage Reparations and Equity Action (AREA) were already doing great things in their neighborhoods. Now, we’re all connected. 


We have a whole network of energized progressive voters and organizers who believe that change is possible. Several people on my campaign staff had never worked on a campaign before – now they have the knowledge, skills, and connections to continue building our organizing power for years to come.


The next municipal election is in two years. If we could build this in 8 months, I can’t wait to see what we can do from here. If you want to be part of that planning from the beginning, sign up here and we will reach out.


Take the time you need to rest, and then let’s get back to work.